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BORAS, Sweden - TeXtreme carbon reinforcements is a newly patented carbon fiber technology recently introduced. This new technology will be implemented in a large number of products being released this year.

TeXtreme will be implemented in a large number of products being released this year.

- Photo: TeXtreme
TeXtreme has been used in Formula 1 for several years. Basically all teams are using TeXtreme to reduce weight and improve performance on their composite parts. These special features will now be implemented in the bicycle industry as well. TeXtreme is already used in other premium products where high-performance and ultra-light weight is of utmost importance: aerospace, luxury cars, and racing yachts.

20%-30% less weight
Manufacturers of advanced aerospace, industrial and sports products confirm that 20%-30% lighter composite parts can be produced with improved mechanical properties and superior surface smoothness. TeXtreme is a registered trademark owned by Oxeon AB, a Swedish company founded in 2003.

The TeXtreme Technology uses tapes called spread tows instead of yarns. These thin tapes are used to weave a fabric. The TeXtreme Technology should give straighter fibers and less crimp which results in better mechanical properties and reduces weight. It has also been found that the extremely low crimp of TeXtreme only gives a stiffness knock-down of 0.08% compared to a cross ply of UD.

The low crimp basically eliminates the difference in performance from an UD and has all the benefits of a woven fabric. Road race bikes, mountain bikes and time trial have been the initial uses for these products. Current uses of TeXtreme are high-end frames and disc wheels.

Argos Shimano on TeXtreme road bikes
One of the first Pro Tour teams that announced the use of TeXtreme for its road bikes is Argos-Shimano. The team's primary 2013 road race bikes will be Felt's F-series made with new UHC Nano TeXtreme carbon fiber.

Jeff Soucek, Director of R&D of Felt Bicycles says, "We were looking for reduced weight on our frames, but still needed the same high properties of stiffness and strength. By using TeXtreme we made a frame that was lighter, as stiff, while actually increasing the impact durability. Because TeXtreme is so thin we could work with several plies to get the same thickness or less. For us it replaces the heavier base structure of uni-directional carbon fiber."